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party in the park: teaser for fictional music festival

Surprise! This is meant to be a teaser for a fictional children’s music festival, “Party In The Park”. The idea would be that parents would drop their toddlers and young kids to this, hence it draws their interest by evoking a sense of pure, unadulterated, joyful fun! 😀

Introducing the quirky antics of RadioHead, a mischievous little music player who loves to dance, this teaser uses vivid colours and near-constant action to excite kids and make them dance to the boppy danceable beat!

Like a 6-year-old’s drawing come to life, this relies heavily on a cartoony aesthetic created by rough outlines and exaggerated movements, though some photo textures are used to create the sense of tangibility, like as if some hyper-imaginative child drew all this…

Now, I hope you love this quirky little piece as much as I did making it! 🙂

Did you know?
Most of the vector assets (made in Illustrator) used uneven lines to make the assets look like they were drawn.
You can access a wide range of different brushes by going into the brush selection menu, and clicking the left-most icon on the bottom of the pop-up.

Copyright ©2019 Justin McPhee. All rights reserved. Have a nice and creative day! 🙂