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what’s that thing in my coffee?

This is part of an experimental work, where several 20-second motion design pieces were created, based on coffee, and assembled into a narrative. Here’s my contribution.

Coffee is amazing. It helps us make ideas, bring life to our days, and can even wake the (sleeping) dead. And every morning, we suckle these cups of morning inspiration, as their collective caffeine power spreads and brings us all to life! 🙂

Without it, we all fall asleep, like barely awake zombies, shambling about in a bland, monochromatic world. But with it, everything becomes amazing and lively as the colours become brighter…

Drawing inspiration from many elements, such as the combination of cartoon and live action elements in works like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Space Jam”, this piece aims to emphasise the contrast between the dullness and limited movement within the photocomposited images, and the vivid colours and exaggerated movements of vector cartoon graphics.

As the two styles begin to mix together, the imagery gradually changes…

Did you know?
The movement of the cartoon images was achieved using After Effects’ Puppet Warp Tool, and warping each limb to make it move.

Copyright ©2019 Justin McPhee. All rights reserved. Have a nice and creative day! 🙂